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Cashing out

Each player can withdraw a max of either 5 OK, 33 BURST or 50 HZ. You must chose ONE of them. Withdrawal is free :)


In a few days, i will anounce what the rest of your capital can be used for. Yeah, i have a plan for that as well :P


When you wish to cash out, please send a message to Yvette stating how much of each coin you want, and she will withdraw the cash from your game wallets. Also remember to give her the wallet adresses for the coins you wish to purchase/exchange


To give an example, say i want to get out 5 OK :


I write a message to yvette sounding something like this:

Hey Yvette, please  send over 5 OK to : PLC9nReFLYxHdnRU3g2iAwb1MALdNiuqMw 

As soon as she sees the message, she will do it and send you a message back confirming.



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