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Making money


How to make money in this game?


Well, it all relies on professions really. You can specialize in one, or have a bunch of them:


1) Car thief – every 2 minutes you can attempt to steal a new car. Depending on which mission you take up, you get different cars. Some of the best ones are even worth close to 1 million, so being a car thief can really pay off.


2) Be a king pimp – The red light district is your friend. Every 10 minutes (or 5 if you're VIP) you can search for prostitutes. Put those girls in a brothel and they'll make you money every hour. Long term, prostitutes can be a very good money maker when you gat to have a lot of them


3) Steal, steal, and steal some more – Crimes. Same story as cars : the latter missions give quite hefty rewards


4) Click on the ad boxes – up on top, numbers 1 to 5. The ads pay cash and credits. Credits are a rare commodity and auctioning them can get you quite a bit of cash from persons who are interested in them. Earnings from the adds help us pay for the platform and webhosting. Each click also helps us who run this game.


5) Be a drug producer – meth, weed, and whatever else there is, you can make it all. Of course, you need VIP status to do so, so those credits you saved up will come in handy. The higher your rank, the more drugs you can make


6) Hired assassin – we're all friends in this game but from time to time someone will piss someone off. This is where the marksman comes in. He's strong, badass, and has a high marksmanship skill. For the right bounty on someone's head you'd be surprise how easy it is to take someone out without having to get your hands dirty yourself.


7) Auction master – buy low, sell high. Become a trader


8) Own a property – Whether it's the presidency of a country, a prison, a hospital, casino or ammo factory, players will use your facility sooner or later. They have no choice.


9) Family land and presses – be the DON, or join a family. Work together with your fellow family members and get your hands on land and money presses. They pay out quite well.


10) Do family crimes – just like the regular ones, family crimes bring money to the table. Same rule : the harder the crime, the more money you get


11) Do your daily quests – they don't give that much, but they're very easy to do and bring some money to the table. Plus, you get XP from them, thus increasing your rank. Rank matters!


12) Do the special missions – bring some hookers to the pope, smuggle immigrants out of China and kick a Russian mob boss in the balls.


13) Organized crimes, group robberies and money truck robberies - group robberies alone can bring up to 10 milion in reward for the entire team


14) Play slots and casino games – the slots machine is rigged to pay out 105%, meaning that you win long term. How long it takes till you hit it big? One way to find out


15) Play some poker – you're playing against bots and these little fellas are set up to have the AI of a retarded kid. If you know the basics of Texas Hold'em , you have a fun career ahead of you


16) Wheel of fortune, higher-lower, etc – check them out. Free money.


17) The lottery – not exactly a profession but odds are big enough that you might just win. Just like the slot machine, lotto is also rigged in favor of the player.


18) Stock market - buy low, sell high. Stocks bring in a pritty penny


19) Be creative – i'm sure there are things I forgot to mention. Use that brain!


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